Swimming Pool Laps to Miles Calculator & Guide For Beginners.

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Swimming Pool Laps Converted to Miles

Swimming Pool Laps to Miles Calculator

When Talking About Miles...

A mile is a unit of length commonly used in the United States and some other countries to measure distance on land.

One mile is equal to approximately 1.609 meters, or 5280 feet. It is a convenient unit for measuring long distances in running, cycling, or hiking.

While it's pretty easy to calculate the distance in miles on land, things are not so black and white in the swimming pool. Swimming pools are made in different shapes and forms, so you might wonder how many laps it would take you to swim a mile.

Swimming Pool Dimensions

When it comes to swimming pools, the term "mile" is used as a rough approximation of the distance covered in a swim workout. Measuring swimming workouts in yards and miles is primarily used in the US.

To calculate laps a mile would require in the swimming pool, you need to know the standard dimensions of the swimming pool.

  1. An Olympic swimming pool is 50 meters long.
  2. A "short-course" swimming pool is 25 meters long.
  3. A 25-yard swimming pool is commonly used in USA competitions.

Now that we know how long the standard dimensions of the swimming pool are, let's calculate a mile in each of them.
How Many Laps In a Swimming Pool Is a Mile?
Mile in an Olympic 50-meter swimming pool equals to 16.1 laps
Mile in a short-course 25-meter swimming pool equals to 32.2 laps
Mile in a 25-yard swimming pool equals to 35.2 laps

How To Calculate A Mile In Other Swimming Pools

It's important to note that the distances above are calculated for standard competition swimming pools, but the dimensions of individual pools can vary.

If you are traveling or want to get a workout in at the backyard swimming pool, the actual distance swum may be affected by the length of the pool.

Then, you may wonder how to find out the dimensions.

There are a few ways:

  1. Ask a lifeguard or a pool manager. If you are at the public swimming pool, every lifeguard and pool manager knows its dimensions. And trust me, more people ask them this question than you can imagine.
  2. Measure yourself with a tape measure or a measuring wheel. If that's your swimming pool, just measure it and learn exactly how many laps your workouts will take.

Next, just use the following formula to calculate.

Formula To Calculate A Mile In Other Swimming Pools

Laps = 1609.34 meters / pool length in meters