Special needs swim lessons
Our special needs swim lessons in Tampa are designed to provide an inclusive experience for those with various limitations. Our philosophy is simple: everyone deserves to learn to swim.

Special needs swim lessons Tampa

A few words from our founder, 3x world record holder in swimming, on why she decided to teach special needs swim lessons.
I understand parents searching the internet for “special needs swim lessons near me”. For nearly 7 years, I have been swimming for the Ukrainian Paralympic team and representing people with hearing impairment. During this time, I have also run dozens of swimming clinics for people with various disabilities. I watched from the inside how people with special needs found the meaning of life in sports. How a little kid feels the joy of life through a small victory in the water.

And even if you don't plan to sign your kid up for professional sports, what can bring more happiness to your life than watching your child splash in the ocean? Or if you are an adult with special needs, then maybe it's about that time that we break the barriers with you...

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Discover our special needs programs

All of our swim programs are tailored for your individual goals and needs. We will take into account every small detail to see you succeed in the water.
Swimming lessons for special needs adults
Our swimming lessons for special needs adults are ideal for adults ready to dive into the world of water. With us, you don't have to worry about feeling embarrassed or looking ridiculous. Our lessons are built on mutual understanding and trust. For our adult students with special needs, we create a friendly and supportive environment to make them feel confident and comfortable in the water. We will help you on every step of your swimming journey.
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Swimming lessons for special needs kids
For parents, our swimming lessons for special needs kids are an excellent opportunity to ensure the proper development of your little one's body. Swimming is a great activity that engages all muscle groups and yet doesn't put a lot of pressure on the joints. For children with special abilities, it is crucial not only to develop proper muscle strength and balance but also not to get injured during the process. Moreover, you won't have to worry about your kid's water safety anymore. After our swimming program, every kid is safe and independent in and around the water.
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Our lead swim coach
  • Maria Rezhylo

    3x World Record Holder and 2x All-American swimmer

    I have been swimming for 18 years, 7 of them professionally. Swimming is not just my favorite sport but my lifestyle. It opened new horizons for me: brought so many new adventures and experiences into my life. Now, I want to open the world of aquatics for you.

Swimming benefits

Swimming lessons can be an enjoyable and therapeutic activity providing many health benefits for those with special needs.
  • Enhances social wellbeing
    For people with special needs, it's important to socialize and be a part of society. Swimming classes are an excellent opportunity to make new friends and get connected.
  • Develops independence
    You can build independence and confidence in your day-to-day tasks and activities by learning how to swim. There's nothing that boosts self-esteem more than achieving your goals.
  • Improves mental health
    Swimming provides a necessary social environment that can improve mental health and decrease the prevalence of depression and anxiety.
  • Prevents injuries
    By strengthening all the muscles in your body and releasing extra stress from your joints, swimming can prevent a wide range of injuries and ensure the holistic development of your body.
  • Builds muscle strength
    Swimming is a low-impact sport that engages all the muscles in your body but doesn't strain the joints. That's why swim lessons for special needs are a great way to strengthen without injury.
  • Improves motor skills
    Swimming is a complex sport requiring multiple muscle groups to cooperate and work synchronously. As a result, it improves your coordination and balance, which is so important for folks with special needs.
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Swimming packages
Choose a private special needs swim lessons plan. At home lessons are available upon request everywhere across Tampa Bay.
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  • See if we are a good fit
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30 minute lessons
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1 hour lessons
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Client reviews
  • On vacation, I would miss all the fun because I was too afraid to go into the water. Maria quickly taught me basic swimming skills and safety in the water with a few swimming lessons.
  • I was working with Maria remotely. One on one approach and science-based methods brought my swimming to another level.
    Ukrainian National Modern Pentathlon Athlete
  • I wanted to learn how to swim before my vacation. I had a few sessions throughout a month with Maria and became more comfortable in the water.
  • I wanted to get fit, but it's really hard to get into sports for me. Maria created a personalised swimming lesson plan for me. Not only I got fit, but got more comfortable in the water.