Top 8 Best Swim Spa Models For Your Home in 2023

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By Maria Rezhylo
3x World record holder in swimming & swim school owner
Jan. 25, 2023

Why are swim spas winning the market? Everything you need to know.

Swim spas, also known as endless pools, are historically known to be smaller than traditional swimming pools, but the newest models can challenge that.

Modern swim spas are a perfect combination of both worlds:

  • swim side for aquatic workouts at the convenience of your own home
  • hot tub side that features numerous health benefits like joint pain treatment, sore muscles massage, and more
  • amazing experience for family fun

The best of it: the swim spa cost is typically more budget-friendly than purchasing and maintaining a traditional swimming pool.

In this guide, we will cover everything from the cheapest swim spas to the higher price-tag ones.

What makes it the best swim spa

We rank SwimEx Triton swim spa #1 because it's essentially your backyard swim pool and hot tube, all in one.

It's a 50" deep, medium-sized swim spa with two rear seats for relaxation. Triton's swim spa flat-bottom leaves enough room for water exercise, swimming laps, and a relaxing day out. Their basic swim spa version can be all-around customized so that you are satisfied with the purchase for years. Triton can be installed below or above ground level to match your backyard swim spa design ideas.

The best of it: their paddlewheel current systems have 99 adjustable speeds, making it a good fit for swimmers of any caliber. For versatile sports enthusiasts, SwimEx offers a variety of add-ons, like an underwater treadmill that comes at extra cost.

Triton's electric motor is quiet, so you'll never worry about its noise. And while it creates strong and smooth water flow, it's still very cost-effective. That's a big long-term win for the owner.

SwimEx prides itself on its high-quality fiberglass construction, and the entry-level Triton model has all the premium features. And while it's still not the cheapest option on the market, the quality of materials makes it one of the best swim spas.

Besides, SwimEx cares about your dream swim spa just as much as you do. That's why every purchase comes with a free pool vacuum, thermal blanket, water testing kits, and other maintenance supplies.
swimex swim spa
  • no upfront price range
  • additional exercise equipment is costly
  • customization makes price go up quickly

1. SwimEx Triton Swim Spa

  • good for physical therapy or rehab centers
  • maintenance kit included
  • installed bellow or above ground

Perfect backyard swim spa from Arctic Spas

Artic Spas comes to the market with years of expertise in making the best swim spas fit any climate, making it a perfect year-round backyard swim spa even if you live in Alaska.

It's a 51" deep, medium-sized swim spa with four seats for relaxation. Offering space for 12 people, it's more than a pool, but a big fun place for the entire family. So, this might be your best fit if you are looking to throw a pool party. Your friends will love the relaxing hydro-massage!

The basic swim spa configuration has a long list of features, and you can make a luxury one at an additional cost. Just like the previous model, this one can be installed as an above or in-ground pool.

The company offers one of the most affordable swim spas on the market. However, Hudson swim spa starts at $39,000, making it more pricey than your other options. The good news is: all the technical parts can be exchanged, and their price is budget-friendly.

Our favorite feature: Arctic Swim Spa has a built-in, the company's patented heating system. It's so good that an average operating day costs less than $2. And, to top it up, they'll include a thick thermal blanket to eliminate any heat loss. What not to love?

ArcticSpa sales team is customer-friendly and quick to respond. They are ready to make you satisfied with the purchase, making the most of your picky changes implemented quickly.

2. Arctic Spa - Hudson

arctic swim spa
  • unique and efficient heating system
  • hydro-massage setting installed
  • app-control
  • affordable price
  • limited size options

What makes Michael Phelps Swim Spa special

Master Spas is breaking the market with its exclusive collaboration with the swimming legend MP. The newest release of the Michael Phelps Swim Spa brought enormous success to the brand. When you see an Olympic swimming legend promoting a product, you can't resist. But is it that good? Let's explore.

An exclusive Michael Phelps Swim Spa reaches 60" depth and has two separate areas: a swim area for aquatic exercise and a hot tub space for relaxation. Master Spas made a convenient addition with an option to adjust both zones to the desired water temperature. Get your workout in, and then enjoy swirling water in the hot tub area! What a combo.

The best of it: Master Spas team will take care of the swim spa installation at no additional cost. Before that, a professional will evaluate your space with a photo or a brief visit. Next thing you know, Michael Phelps Swim Spa is in your backyard.

The downside of the product: you really can't change much. Michael Phelps swim spa comes in two standard colors, interior and exterior.

A backyard swim spa from Michael Phelps would cost $26,000 for the based model and can go up to $30,000+ with the additional features installed. But don't get discouraged too quickly! Michael Phelps Swim Spa's competitors charge more than double for the basic configuration! On the other hand, Phelps' spa offers premium features at half of the price.

If Michael Phelps recommends it, you should give it a shot!

3. Master Spas Swim Spa from Michael Phelps

michael phelps swim spa
  • limited color options
  • Michael Phelps recommended
  • separate temperature regulation for swim spa and hot tub
  • the best swim spa with price-to-quality ratio

Small backyard spa from PDC Spas

PDC Spas has been on the market long enough to know what customers want. And, if you are looking for the best small backyard swim spa to fit on your patio, that's your best pick.

An impressively long 115 feet exercise area, with a depth of 56", comes in a futuristic design. It was built for swimmers to get their work in, so don't expect all your friends to be seated. But, as a small swim spa, it satisfies customers with limited space!

The standard TruSwim spa configuration has a satisfying list of features like lead lights, a stainless finish, a free thermal blanket, and 20 different speed levels. Everything is controlled through a smart-touch control center. You can convert your backyard swim spa into an all-around fitness center with more fitness features at an additional price.

But, with TruSwim things get more expensive. The basic model comes at $39,990. With every extra modification, this swim spa's price rises quickly. And because it was designed and built as a small swim spa, you can't modify its size. However, PDC has several swim spa models you can choose from.

We believe that true swimming geeks will appreciate the design and compatibility that this spa can bring to your small backyard. You get all the high-quality premium features with the basic configuration, and their dual propulsion system can elevate your swimming to the next level.

4. PDC Spas - TruSwim

  • limited customization options
  • one-seat swim spa
  • expensive
  • modern design
  • compact
  • smart-touch control center

Explore the largest swim spa in 2023

Integrity Swim Spas said, "Size matters," and created one of the largest swim spas in the world - Jamaican Extreme Swim Spa and Hot Tub.

As a swimming geek, this product wins my heart with its impressive size: it's 61" deep and 25' long! This is a leading backyard swim spa that can easily beat many swimming pools with its size. And, the best of it: it combines both a swim spa and hot tub, all in one.

This swim spa comes in three exterior colors: coastal grey, mahogany, and redwood. The standard spa configuration has more jets than any other product on the marker. Elements like luxury leg lighting, water fountains, waterfalls, and turbo swim jets are included for free. Everything is controlled through a smart-touch control center on the side of the swim spa.

Although many things are included, you don't get to make numerous personal modifications. For an additional $349 you can add Bluetooth speakers, and the WiFi module will cost $329. And you'll have to wait 16 to 20 weeks before it arrives at your door.

The good news is it's pretty affordable. Their swim spa comes at a competitive $29,999 price, which you can't beat with all the given features. That's an ideal fit for people with enough backyard space who want to go big.

Integrity Spas nailed the swim spa game in 2023.

5. Jamaican Extreme Swim Spa

  • long wait
  • limited exterior colors
  • water fountains included
  • perimeter led lights
  • 66 water jets

Meet luxury S150 Bullfrog Swim Spas

Bullfrog spas are also catching up on the fitness swim spas trend. Last year, they presented Swim Series, which features the S150 model.

It has all the basic features and more, with an extensive amount of seats and pre-installed stainless steel jets. The best of it: you can choose massaging jets yourself through their online spa-building tool.

Today, it's, by far, one of the most well-rounded spas that include fitness, recovery, and leisure elements. With 13 seats in the spa included, you can invite a group of friends over for a fun get-together day. And there are more exciting features to Bullfrog swim spa that make them stand out.

This brand created a product with the water-safety for the whole family in their mind. For example, their premium upgrade, SwimDek consists of soft and durable anti-slippery foam that makes this swim spa the safest among all. Moreover, Bullfrog offers optional anti-slippery steps to your backyard swim spa with a matching design.

The Bullfrog swim spa cost ranges from $36,895 to $43,695, depending on the additional features you choose. But don't get this discouraged because Bullfrog, among a few, offers a generous financial plan for up to 48 months.

If you are looking for luxury swim spas, Bullfrog is your best option. Not only it's made out of premium material, but they also offer pleasing financing options.

6. Bullfrog swim spa

bullfrog swim spa
  • one size and one color only
  • expensive
  • online swim spa builder
  • 13 total seats
  • 14 water therapy jets
  • financing available

Top-notch Endless Pools swim spas

Endless Pools had been in the business long before all the competitors started to catch up. Established 25 years ago, Endless Pools are the leading provider of swim spas. Throughout the years, they have sold more than 20,000 swim spas worldwide. But what makes them so good?

First and foremost, this company allows you to design and watch your swim spa transformation through a visually-rich online tool. It makes you understand how the end product is going to look.

Furthermore, Endless Pools offers space for aquatic exercise and family fun. Their swim spa and hot tub are separated, and each section can be set to different temperatures. Once you're done with the workout, your hot tub side is ready for you to hop in for relaxation. And the best of it, you can also enjoy hydro-massage and ease your muscle pain. Win-win.

Like many other swim spas, Endless Pools can be installed as below or in ground pool. Whatever matches your backyard swim spa ideas.

The Endless Pools E2000 swim spa price ranges from $64,000 to $87,300. The official website's downside is that it portrays the product like it has all the premium features like an underwater treadmill, aquabike, and other luxuries. But once you get into the swim spa building tool, the price quickly increases with every addition you make.

Endless Pools managed to create an excellent product, but the website is, in a way, misleading.

7. Endless Pools Swim Spa

endless pools swim spa review
  • misleading web-site information
  • expensive
  • separate temperature regulation for swim spa and hot tub
  • ozone system
Experience innovation with Hydropool swim spa
Canadian-based swim spa company is coming in hot with their newest release AquaSport 17 AX, among other new fitness swim spas.

Like many other brands, Hydropool wants you to fully experience your future backyard swim spa before it arrives. That's why they offer a 3D visualization of the product in different settings, like your own backyard or garage, before you proceed to check out. The greatest part: they include different tail colors to kick-start your backyard swim spa design.

Hydropool AquaSport 17 AX offers the best of two worlds: you have a 14' long, 53" deep swimming pool and a separately zoned hot tub for recovery.

Hydropool used a unique approach to win their potential customers' hearts. With every swim spa purchased, you get a free pair of FORM goggles that displays your pace through the goggle's mirror.

The basic configuration of Hydropool AquaSport 17 AX starts at $41,895 and progresses with the additional features chosen. Although Hydropool claims to be the most ergonomic product on the market, we find it devastating that a simple addition such as a thermal blanket comes at an additional cost.

Overall, it's an excellent product, competing directly with Endless Pools, but at a much more affordable price.

8. Hydropool Swim Spa

hydropool swim spa
  • thermal blanket is not included
  • separate temperature regulation for swim spa and hot tub
  • self-cleaning system
  • soft stride floor mat

Popular questions about swims spas

We answered all the most popular swim spa questions our readers sent us.

How much is a swim spa?

The cost of a swim spa depends on factors such as size, features, additional customization, delivery, and brand. On average, a basic swim spa model can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000, while more advanced models with additional features can cost from $30,000 to $80,000.

Here are some factors that can impact the cost of a swim spa:

  1. Size: Larger swim spas tend to be more expensive, requiring more building materials and resources.
  2. Features: Swim spas usually have a base model, and additional premium features can significantly increase the initial cost.
  3. Brand: Well-known brands tend to make significantly expensive swim spas. And while you can choose a non-branded spa, the quality can be questionable.
  4. Installation: The cost of installing a swim spa can affect the ending price, but various brands offer installation at no additional cost.
  5. Delivery: Based on the company's policies, delivery of your swim spa might become your financial liability.

It's important to mention that the initial cost of a swim spa is not the only expense to consider. Ongoing maintenance and operating costs, such as electricity and chemicals, should also be considered. But the same expenses should be expected when considering a traditional swimming pool.

How does a swim spa work?

Best swim spas create resistance by creating water flow through jets, propellers, and adjustable paddles. Based on the model, the speed of the water flow can be adjusted to increase or decrease the resistance level. This allows swimmers to customize workouts based on their fitness level and goals.

Can you put a swim spa in the ground?

Best swim spas create resistance by creating water flow through jets, propellers, and adjustable paddles. Based on the model, the speed of the water flow can be adjusted to increase or decrease the resistance level. This allows swimmers to customize workouts based on their fitness level and goals.

Is a swim spa worth it?

Whether a swim spa is worth or not depends on personal needs, goals, budget, and available space.

Here are some advantages to consider.

  1. Convenience: Swim spas provide a full-body workout in the comfort of your own home, making it ideal for those who don't have time or access to a traditional pool or gym.
  2. Fits all levels: The resistance can be adjusted to your needs and fitness level, providing a challenging workout or a relaxing swim.
  3. Versatile: Swim spas can be used for exercise, recreation, recovery, therapy, and family fun, making it a multi-functional investment.
  4. Indoor/outdoor installation: Swim spas can be installed indoors or outdoors, making it a flexible option.
  5. Year-round accessibility: The best swim spas have a pre-installed heating system, meaning you can use it all year round.
  6. Movable: Unlike conventional swimming pools, swim spas can be moved, making them a one-time investment for years ahead. Even if you move.
swim spa review


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