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The Best Open Water Swimming Goggles: Pro Swimmer Recommends [2023]

In today’s post, I will show you all the best swimming goggles for open water.

In fact:

I bought and tested more than 37 models and brought to you THE 10 BEST open water swimming goggles.

No need to waste your MONEY with my guide.

Let’s dive right in.
open water swimming goggles
Note: I don't get money to endorse the following products. All swim goggles were bought with my personal funds and were tested by me.

What Makes a Perfect Pair of Open Water Swimming Goggles

A perfect pair of open-water swimming goggles are supposed to fit you well, be durable, have polarized lenses, have an anti-fog coating layer, and give you sufficient peripheral vision.

Here are a couple of must-have features:

  1. Adjustment pieces. A good-fitting pair of goggles should come with different nose pieces to switch. In addition, the strap should be elastic and adjustable.
  2. Durable. You don't want goggles to break before or during your event or practice.
  3. Anti-fog layer. You simply don't want your goggles to get foggy during practice or an event. Anti-fog is a must.
  4. Visibility range. Some goggles won't give you an excellent peripheral visibility range, so you should choose thoughtfully for the open water event.
  5. Mirrored polish. Chances are you can get blinded by the sun during the event. In that case, mirrored polish is a go-to feature.

Everyone's face and head anatomy are different, so you should always wear goggles before purchasing a pair.

Now, let's get into my guide.

Top 10 Swimming Goggles For Open Water

10. Arena Air-Speed Mirrored Goggle

open water swim goggles
I have difficulty understanding why this product was listed for open water. While Arena Air-Speed Mirrored Goggle ($20) has all features to be a good fit as outdoor swimming goggles, they are not the best for your competitive purposes.

The peripheral visibility is undoubtedly not the best compared to the other models. In addition, eye gaskets are not very comfortable for long swims.

9. Arena Cobra Core

advanced swimming goggles
Another excellent model of swim goggles from Arena ($60)... It's a good pair of advanced swimming goggles for everything, but not open water. While Arena claims that it gives you a wide range of vision, it's not the case.

Save your money, and get something more suitable for your needs.

8. Sporti Antifog S3 Mirrored Goggle

 best goggles for open water swimming
This is a decent option of open water goggles. They have all the features listed and are very inexpensive. It is a good fit for beginner goggles just starting their open water journey and want something budget-friendly—currently listed on SwimOutlet for $11. The downside I found is limited but decent peripheral visibility for open water.

7. Speedo Vanquisher EV Mirrored Goggle

best anti fog goggles
I give them 4/5 as open water swim goggles. They have UV protection, anti-fog, mirrored lenses, adjustable straps, and nose clips.

All of it sounds so good, so you might wonder: well, what's missing? I believe that there are models with better peripheral visibility on the market.

But this is a solid option and currently runs at $30. Sold in different colors, too.

6. Sporti Antifog Cabo Mirrored Goggles

 best swim goggles for triathlon
This model is definitely one of the best in terms of comfort, price, and it's price. They have mirrored polish, comfortable eye gaskets, and adjustable straps.

The one downside is the nose clip is not adjustable. So, I would try them out and see if they are a good fit for you.

They can be purchased for $10 online.

5. AquaSphere Vista Pro Tri Mask

 best triathlon swim goggles
These were created to be the best swim goggles for triathlon. And, to be fair, they are one of the best models for open water out on the market. But there are some nuances...

The nose clip is obviously not adjustable. In addition, they can be way too big for a woman's face. The worst of it: by FINA regulations, masks are NOT approved for official events. So, take into account that.

Otherwise, they have excellent visibility, are very durable, and mirrored, and can be purchased for $55.

4. AquaSphere Fastlane Titanium Goggles

I loved AquaSphere Fastlane Titanium Goggles ($30) and personally used them for years.

It's an excellent unisex option for open water swimmers. They have very soft straps, gaskets, great visibility, and are not very bulky. The nose clips can be switched to the appropriate size too.

However, they don't have anti-fog protection, which might be problematic for longer swims.

3. AquaSphere Kayenne Polarized Lens Goggles

 speedo open water goggles
This is where things get executed REALLY well. This model ($50) might be your best bet.

It has 100% UV protection, anti-fog, and great visibility. The best of it: straps can be adjusted quickly and easily on the sides.

The nose clip can cause some fitting problems since it can't be adjusted. You definitely want to try them out and see if they fit you well.

2. Magic 5 Swim Goggles

magic 5 swim goggles review
My verdict for these is simple: this is our future. I can write a few paragraphs for my Magic 5 Swim Goggles ($70) review, but I'll save you some time.

As a technological geek, I get excited about every new implementation in our sport. And Magic 5 Goggles nailed it!

First, they make a custom design based on your face measurements. After purchase, you'll receive a link to face-scanner. From there, it'll take them a few days to get your perfectly fitting swim goggles. The best of it: you get a 100% refund if goggles don't fit you well!

Give them a shot.

1. Speedo Speed Sockets

Ever wonder: what goggles does Michael Phelps use? Before Phelps started his swimwear company, he consequently wore Speedo Speed Sockets. Today, they are mostly recognized as Phelps Goggles.

Michael Phelps used these goggles for a reason: they are the best. No matter your swimming event, they will do the job excellently.

Speedo Speed Sockets are so comfortable that you forget you are wearing goggles. This model provides all the necessary features in a slick design that now provides an increased periphery vision.

The best of it: they last for years with proper care. Just don't forget to dry your goggles after every swim; you won't need another pair for a long time.

The price is affordable enough ($40), given all the positive features. If Phelps loved these enough to wear at Olympics, give them a shot!
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