Private Lifeguard Service For A Pool Party

We offer Private Lifeguard Service for pool parties & events. All of our lifeguards are CPR and First Aid certified. Book our lifeguard staff services and focus on what matters - preparing for the fun pool party.

Why hire a lifeguard for a pool party?

Preparing for your next pool party? While you are looking for fun pool games & activities for your guests, it's important to remember the risk associated with such events. Drowning ranks among the leading causes of accidental death across the world, with events that can be very rapid and in surprisingly shallow water.

If the signs of distress have been misjudged, having at least one lifeguard on a pool deck means fewer chances of drowning, hence the elimination of poor timing of emergency response. It means our lifeguards are qualified and certified not to let an accident become a tragedy.

Choose Us Because

We offer tamed and tailored solutions fitting your event safety requirements to the fullest without compromising the fun at your event.

Custom Solutions

We work to fit your event-based needs, offering maximum safety in and around the pool so that you can relax and have an amazing with your friends, family, neighbors, or office colleagues.


You can depend on us to be there when you call, fully prepared to rise to any occasion with promptness and professionalism. All our lifeguards are certified & fully insured; trained in CPR, first aid, and critical emergency procedures.

Continuous Watch

All the time, our guards are on continuous surveillance of the pool area, ensuring nothing goes wrong before it even happens, and fast response to any emergency, if at all one occurs.

Friendly and Approachable

The lifeguards we have placed there are not just for the sake of manning for safety, but also they are there to help every person enjoy their stay with their friendly and accommodating nature.

Perfect for Any Event

Hiring a lifeguard for a pool party shows your commitment to the well-being and safety of your guests.

Pool Parties

Whether it's family backyard pool parties, graduation celebrations, or just all-around fun shindigs with friends, our certified lifeguards service allows everyone to enjoy the water worry-free.

Corporate Events

Planning a team-building retreat or a corporate outing? Our Lifeguards will look after the safety of all your employees as they unwind by the pool.

Community Events

From neighborhood block parties to days at the community pool, our lifeguards will make sure that all swimmers are safe to enjoy the area.

Why a Lifeguard Matters

  • Constant Vigilance

    Even the most attentive hosts can miss signs of distress in the water. Lifeguards are trained to maintain constant surveillance of the pool area, scanning for potential hazards and intervening at the first sign of trouble.
  • Expert Response

    In the event of an emergency, every second counts. Our lifeguards are equipped with the skills and training needed to respond quickly and effectively, administering CPR, first aid, and other life-saving techniques as necessary.
  • Peace of Mind

    By having a lifeguard on duty, you can enjoy your private event with confidence, knowing that the safety of your guests is in capable hands. Whether you're hosting a pool party for kids or adults, having a lifeguard ensures that everyone can have fun without worrying about accidents.

Lifeguards-to-Swimmers Ratio


Children under five

1 lifeguard per 5 kids
School-age children
1 lifeguard per 10 kids
18+ years old
1 lifeguard per 25 patrons

The Safety Of Your Next Pool Party is Our Business

At Fast Swim Academy, safety is more than a priority, it's our commitment. Rely on our Private Lifeguard Services to secure we have taken every provision to ensure the safety and well-being of all your guests while preparing to create wonderful memories.
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We work hard at every event to ensure clients & their guests have the best time in the pool without compromising their safety
3 hours / 1 guard
Standard Rate
per a guard
+30 Minutes
per each additional guard
+1 Lifeguard

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our secure scheduling requires a retainer in the amount of 50% of the total cost. This retainer will go toward your total payment, and the remaining balance should be paid on the day of your event.

Your pre-payment allows us to hold the spot for you and protect our lifeguard staff from last-minute cancellations. Failure to submit a full payment before the start of your event will result in automatic cancellation.
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