private lifeguard for hire
Private Lifeguard Service For Pool Parties & Events
Hire a lifeguard for a pool party or private event to ensure the safety of your guests.
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Key Benefits

Hire a lifeguard

Fully certified lifeguards

All our lifeguards are First Aid, CPR, and Lifeguard certified. They have all the skills needed to maintain safety on the deck and inside the pool. In case of an accident, our lifeguard staff will provide all the crucial help needed until the arrival of emergency medical technicians.

Safety-equipped lifeguard staff

You don't need to purchase First Aid & Rescue tools because our guards are going to arrive fully equipped and ready to provide the highest-quality safety services on the market.

Flexible & secure scheduling

Pick the date of your event, get matched with a lifeguard, and submit your payment. Now, you don't have to think about the water safety of your party. Time to relax and prepare for all the fun you'll have with your guests!

Why Hire A Lifeguard For A Pool Party?

Many people underestimate how easy it is to get injured in and out of the swimming pool. And when it happens, most don't know the action plan required to save a person. That's why on every beach and pool area, you see lifeguards closely monitoring all swimmers.

Lifeguards are specifically trained individuals who specialize in accident prevention and assessment and can provide crucial First Aid help to the victim.

When hosting a pool party or event, it's hard to underestimate the services a lifeguard can bring to your venue. Hiring a lifeguard can not only prevent a tragedy from happening but also give you the ability to relax and enjoy the fun in the pool.
Pool Events We Work At
Our lifeguards provide services to a diverse list of events, from corporate or team-building events to family backyard pool parties.
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Book a lifeguard
Ensure the safety of adults and kids attending your pool party by hiring a highly trained lifeguard staff.
Family backyard pool parties
hire lifeguards
Book a lifeguard
Corporate/team or celebration events
Ensure the safety of adults and kids attending your pool party by hiring a highly trained lifeguard staff.

Lifeguard Services Price

Standard Rate
3 hours
+ 30 min
per additional 30 min over a standard rate
+ 1 Lifeguard
per 1 additional lifeguard

Lifeguards-to-Swimmers Ratio

Children under 5
1 lifeguard per 5 kids
School-age children
1 lifeguard per 10 kids
18+ years
1 lifeguard per 25 patrons

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? Contact us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Do you require a full payment prior to the event?

A full refund is available to customers who cancel a lifeguard service 72 hours prior to the service date.

How to know the correct number of lifeguards I will need?

We recommend referring to our table with a lifeguard-to-swimmers ratio. Once you know the number of people attending, you can secure a spot on our lifeguard service schedule.

Do parents/caregivers have to be present on the pool deck during the kids' pool party?

Yes. Parents and caregivers should remain at the pool area until the event is over.

What services do lifeguards provide?

Lifeguard monitors and supervises the area to ensure the safety of swimmers. Please note, that lifeguards are not emergency medical technicians, and their services are limited to CPR and First Aid.