Swim lessons in Largo, FL

Our swim lessons in Largo, FL is an excellent opportunity to start your aquatic journey. We offer swimming lessons to adults and kids in Largo, including at-home swim lessons. Let's dive in!
Licensed Swimming Instructors
American Red Cross WSI, First Aid and CPR certified.
Flexible Scheduling
Our swimming program in Largo is going to be just a nice addition to your daily routine.
Fits all ages and abilities
We work with everyone: infants, adults, and people with special needs.

Largo Swimming Lessons

A few words from our founder Maria about our private swimming lessons in Largo, FL.

Our swim lessons in Largo, FL have one objective: to improve the quality of your everyday life. Let's be honest, it's quite hard to live in Largo and not be able to swim. Especially when you are a few minutes away from the best beaches in the world.

In my teaching practice, I see the impact of swimming on people's lives firsthand. Residents of Tampa Bay come to me in search of a change. They watched dozens of videos on swimming and attended various swimming lessons, but they still had no water skills.

Our swimming program is what makes people break personal barriers. We teach every client differently and tailor our swim lessons to your unique abilities. In addition, we provide you the freedom the choose any time of the day for your lesson. With us, there's no need to drive to the pool, because our instructor can provide at home swim lessons anywhere in Largo.

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Our swimming programs in Largo

Explore the programs of our swim lessons in Largo, FL. There's no need to pay for never-ending lessons that don't bring results. We stand behind our work, so if you are unsatisfied, we will process a refund the same day.
Kids swim lessons in Largo
We work with kids of all ages and abilities. Or swimming school has various programs, including ISR and infant swim lessons. These programs are excellent for kids with no prior water safety knowledge.

For older kids, we provide toddler swim lessons and competitive swim lessons. Toddler swim lessons focus on water safety and basic swimming strokes. Competitive swim lessons work on advanced technique and a set of skills.

In addition, we proudly serve special needs swim lessons for kids. Everyone deserves to learn to swim with a specific approach and teaching method.
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Adult swim lessons in Largo
Our slogan is simple: it's never too late to learn to swim. Years of practice and satisfied clients have proven that we are right. We provide swimming instruction that is tailored to every client's individual needs, goals, and abilities.

For the newbies, our program starts with adult beginner swimming lessons. Once we establish a strong foundation, you are safe to float, tread water, and swim for your safety.

For those looking for more advanced training, we deliver competitive swim lessons.
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Choose your package

You can choose a package that would be comfortable for you. Or, if you don't want to make any big commitment, you can choose a trial swim lesson.

Start your swimming journey

On your marks, set, go! Let's start your swimming journey. Don't hesitate to send us any messages before your lesson! We are here to help.

Private Lessons Packages

Choose a package of Largo swimming lessons for adults or kids that suits your needs. At home swim lessons in Largo are available upon request.
Trial swim lesson
  • Meet your licensed swimming instructor
  • Discuss your personal swimming goals
  • See if we are a good fit
  • Purchase your swim lessons package
$60 / one lesson
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30 minute swim lessons
  • Package of 3+ private swim lessons
  • Flexible scheduling
  • At home swim lessons are available upon request*
*rates can vary based on the location
$65 / per lesson
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45 minute swim lessons
  • Package of 3+ private swim lessons
  • Flexible scheduling
  • At home swim lessons are available upon request*
*rates can vary based on the location
$85 / per lesson
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1 hour swim lessons
  • Package of 3+ private swim lessons
  • Flexible scheduling
  • At home swim lessons are available upon request*
*rates can vary based on the location
$100 / per lesson
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Our lead swim coach

  • Maria Rezhylo

    3x World Record Holder and 2x All-American swimmer

    I have been swimming for 18 years, 7 of them professionally. Swimming is not just my favorite sport, but my lifestyle. It opened new horizons for me: brought so many new adventures and experience into my life. Now, I want to open the world of Brandon aquatics to you.

Why swimming?

  • Improved cardiovascular health
    Regular swimming reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, congestive heart failure, and other cardiac-related diseases. Therefore, signing up for swimming lessons in Brandon wouldn't be a bad idea to keep your heart safe and sound.
  • Muscle growth
    Swimming is one of the only sports that works all of the muscles in your body at the same time. Thus, swim lessons can give you a more balanced, well-developed, athletic body composition than any other sport can do, especially in women.
  • Improved mobility
    Swimming exercises result in greater and proper postural mobility. Moreover, swim lessons in Largo can positively affect your overall motor function.
  • Reduced pain and stiffness 
    Research proves that regular swimming lessons improve the function of your joints and reduce stiffness in your muscles, including cases of osteoporosis.
  • Drowning prevention
    It's no surprise that drowning is one of the leading causes of death for children and adults in the US. Signing up for swim lessons is proven to reduce drowning rates by 88% in children and teenagers from 1 to 19 years.
  • Fun experiences
    Through our swimming program, you can ensure that you won't be left behind for the upcoming boating, kayaking, or beach day with your friends. You won't be worried about drowning or looking silly because you will look like a pro the next time you swim.
Our Clients Love Us
  • George
    On vacation, I would miss all the fun because I was too afraid to go into the water. Maria quickly taught me basic swimming skills and safety in the water with a few swimming lessons.
  • Iryna
    Ukrainian National Modern Pentathlon Athlete
    I was working with Maria remotely. One on one approach and science-based methods brought my swimming to another level.
  • Kristina
    I wanted to get fit, but it's really hard to get into sports for me. Maria created a personalised swimming lesson plan for me. Not only I got fit, but got more comfortable in the water.