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Our swim school has a long-standing track of success in teaching children and adults of all ages and abilities. Learn essential swim skills with the best instructors in Sarasota, FL.

Leading Private Swimming Lessons Program in Sarasota, FL

Welcome to the premier swim school located in the heart of Sarasota, where every child and adult student is GUARANTEED to start swimming after just a few lessons!

We are a group of former professional and collegiate swimmers with extensive backgrounds in sharing our knowledge of swimming. Today, we continue our career by providing the best possible swimming lessons experience to adults and children of Sarasota County.

Whether you're a beginner just starting or an experienced swimmer looking to refine your technique, we have the perfect program for you. So let's dive in and uncover the joy of swimming with our expert team!
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Fast Swim Program Benefits

We are happy to find a convenient time for the lessons that work well with your busy schedule. The best of it is that you don't have to travel. We can come to your home or community pool and save you some time.

Flexible Scheduling

Every swim instructor went through CPR, First Aid, and Water Safety training and has certifications from American Red Cross.

Certified Swim Instructors

We understand that every child and adult learns differently, so every student gets a customized lesson plan built according to their needs, skills, and abilities.

Customized Programs

Swimming Lessons in Sarasota, FL

Explore our swim school programs, and pick one that suits your needs.

Swim Lessons for Kids

Ages 3+
swim lessons for kids sarasota
A perfect program for older kids to learn advanced swimming skills. During swimming lessons, we teach children how to tread water, float, paddle, and get back to safety.

Infant Swim Lessons

infant swim lessons sarasota
Ages 3+
Immerse your baby in the world of swimming and build a solid water safety foundation from an early age with our infant swimming lessons.

Adult Swim Lessons

adult swim lessons sarasota
No age limit
Our instructors focus on helping all adult students achieve their goals in the water. Whether you want to learn water skills or swim for fitness, we got you covered.

Looking to Improve Your Performance? Sign Up for Our Competitive Swim Training Program

competitive swim training sarasota
Besides professional swimming background in the pool, our swim instructors have extensive experience competing in Triathlon and Ironman races. We definitely know what it takes to prepare a swimmer for the various types of events. Sign up for private swimming lessons at our swim school, and unleash your full potential.
How We Teach
We are your ultimate pick for private swim lessons in and around Sarasota.

Evidence-Based Instruction

Our swim instructors build a customized lesson plan according to not only their experience but years of researching and learning.

Personalized Approach

Tired of group swim lessons that bring no results? We feel you, and that's why our swim school does things differently. Every client gets a customized swimming program, and the private lessons setting allows us to focus on every little step of their progress.

Supportive Environment

At our swim school, we prioritize building a team between a swim instructor and a client. We execute exercises, make mistakes, and continue our journey together. Every step of the way, we ensure that you or your children feel secure and supported at the pool.

Swim Lessons Locations

We cover the majority of the greater Sarasota Area. If you still can't find your location, email us, and we will arrange private swim lessons at your pool.
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How it works

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Please fill out our form so we can get to know you, our new student. Our form is short, and it shouldn't take more than a minute to fill out. We will be in touch shortly!

Choose your package

You can choose a package that would be comfortable for you. Or, if you don't want to make any significant commitment, you can choose a trial swim lesson.

Start your swimming journey

On your marks, set, go! Let's start your swimming journey. Don't hesitate to send us any messages before your lesson! We are here to help.

Swim lessons prices

Choose a swim lesson duration and a package of lessons that works best for you.
Trial swim lesson
  • Meet your licensed swimming instructor
  • Discuss your personal swimming goals
  • See if we are a good fit
  • Purchase your swim lessons package
$60 / one lesson
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30 minute swim lessons
*rates can vary based on the location
$65 / per lesson
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45 minute swim lessons
*rates can vary based on the location
$85 / per lesson
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1 hour swim lessons
*rates can vary based on the location
$100 / per lesson
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