Free Swim Lessons in Tampa, FL

The program starts on April 15th, 2023. Unlimited amount of sessions for all participants.

Free swimming lessons for all ages and abilities

Fast Swim Academy is a fast-growing Tampa Bay-based swimming school leading the way to safer swimming among residents. Since our opening in 2022, we have been determined to reduce drowning statistics across Florida.

As a part of our program, we will be running free swimming lessons for kids & adults of all ages and abilities in Tampa Bay. We'll educate you on how to swim properly through the highest quality swimming instruction available. All the water safety skills will be real-life based and applicable.

Don't be another number in drowning statistics. Join us this spring!
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Free swim lessons details

For more questions and details, email us. All the required equipment will be provided at the lesson.
  • Location
    Because our free swimming program is real-life skills and application, we will be holding the sessions at Bellair Beach.
  • Schedule
    Groups will meet every Saturday and Sunday morning, starting April 15th, 2023. Every session takes 45 minutes per group. You can attend the lessons until you learn the basics.
  • Groups
    Participants are divided into groups by age. Groups are limited to 10 participants. The number of groups is limited due to the high demand.
  • Details
    Every group will practice under the guidance of certified lifeguards and swimming instructors. All the instructors are First Aid, and CPR certified.